10 Podcasts Every single Photography Enthusiast Requirements To Hear

Documentary Photographer Ryan Libre shares his list of advisable photography podcasts. We welcome back Chris Williams, of Lens Therapy Live , and photographer David Speiser, of , to the B&H Photography Podcast for a discussion on the applications, methods, and distinct attributes of super-telephoto lenses. Super-telephotos lenses are most often employed by sports and wildlife photographers—however, photojournalists, law-enforcement, and even landscape photographers are recognized photography podcast to use them, as properly. They offer you the create top quality to withstand difficult conditions and the optical quality to capture distant subjects clearly.

concert photographyIf you are a standard listener to the B&H Photography Podcast , you have most likely heard us talk a lot not too long ago about our milestone 100th episode and a camera sweepstakes that we have been eventually going to announce. Effectively, that day is here, and if you follow this link , you will be directed to the page that describes the contest and the strategies of entry. No obtain is required, and getting into on Twitter or Facebook is quite easy.

Today, WeTransfer is launching Audiovisual - a new podcast series produced in collaboration with the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York and the initial ever podcast about photography created by WeTransfer. In every photography podcast episode, WeTransfer's photography director Lucy Pike interviews an image-maker whose function takes viewers into a new globe, from Nigerian gangsters to a teenager's battle against cancer.

We are delighted, at the B&H Photography Podcast , to present our chat with acclaimed portrait photographer Chris Buck Buck is an in-demand celebrity and advertising photographer, but he also maintains ongoing private projects, such as his current series, Gentleman's Club." We speak with him on a range of subjects, from idea development, shooting method, and gear, to editing choices and self-publishing.

As Allan Weitz says in the introduction, when you see a Jeffrey Milstein photo, you know it. He has a distinctive style, which is not an effortless accomplishment for an aerial photographer. But, of course, not all his images are taken from high above—he also has an incredible series shot from underneath airplanes. All kidding aside, Milstein's work—aerial or otherwise—is infused with the complexity of observation and with the fascination of how related types repeat themselves in distinctive approaches.

Our interviewee, Ralph Velasco, is a travel photography instructor primarily based out of California, USA. He has perviously written a two-part series on enhancing your travel photography for Indie Travel Podcast: component 1 and component two He is the author of On Travel Photography: 101 guidelines for developing your photographic eye and more and designed the iOS app, My Shot Lists for Travel. Ralph supplied all the photos in these shownotes and in the enhanced version of the podcast.

The swift answer to this query is that there is no magic answer, but it depends on the kind of style of photography that you're shooting and what you want to do with your photographs. Each programs have their pros and cons. I'm going to look into that in in-depth. So, let's go over Photoshop first and begin by the pros of utilizing this program.
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